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UFC 209: Woodley vs Thompson

UFC’s biggest main event of the year so far. We find a rematch in the welterweight division for the championship belt. Champion Tyron Woodley placed his title on the line against Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson.

We first saw this march this past fall in what became an instant classic and the type of fight we look forward to whenever two people step into the Octagon. A fight that ended in a majority draw, leaving audiences and both fighters looking forward to a rematch.

The first fight went exactly how many could have imagined it. Woodley came out hitting hard and fast. But Wonderboy would try to score points using the reach of his jabs and kicks. ┬áThree solid rounds between two of the best. Woodley easily won the first round. Thompson came back with some flashes of himself to even things out, whereas rounds two and three could have been either man’s round. Then we got the delightful round four that we’ll still be talking about well passed UFC 300. A solid punch to Thompson’s grill saw him buckle and fall against the fence. Woodley pounced immediately. Seconds later Wonderboy found himself on the business end of a guilletine, that was tighter than the screws on my son’s bike. What happened next was close to a minute worth of glory where we saw Stephen Thompson fight through it without tapping, only to come out on top position throwing down blows. The fifth saw both fighters gassed, with neither taking any serious damage, but definitely Wonderboy out-pointing Woodley.

It was kind of exhausting to watch. A fight where you really couldn’t be upset with the outcome because it would give us a sequel to look forward to.

So where will this fight end up? It could depend on who you want to see winning. Many are calling the champ an underdog. That of course would add to his claim of being disrespected. There really wasn’t anything he did to make you think he should have lost the first fight. One of the scorecards did have him winning. Maybe Woodley is right in a way.

If he connects with any of his shots Saturday night, he could easily come out retaining his title. Wonderboy on the other hand has to keep up with his reach advantage and striking. Maybe one of those slips through to the right spot. Either way, I say one of these two have to come out with a KO victory. And to be honest, if it didn’t can we really be mad if it went to the judges again?

Some of our most favorite fights happen when you’re rooting for one fighter, but you know you have to put your money the other way. That’s what we have tonight.


UFC 209: Khabib vs Ferguson

The UFC’s Lightweight division is becoming one of the more exciting and contested divisions in the promotion. Saturday, March 4, we have a delight of a bout to look forward to.

Khabib Nurmagomedov takes on Tony Ferguson for lightweight gold. And it’s a meeting that many are eyeing for the challenge to UFC’s ultimate star, Conor McGregor.

McGregor, the current undisputed Lightweight Champion is on an indefinite leave of absence from the UFC, awaiting the birth of his child. That may or may not be the only thing he’s waiting for either. Who’s to say that the Natorious One will come back and fight lightweight. McGregor’s last three opponents were fought at three completely different weight classes. But the next fight that’s most associated with McGregor isn’t even a MMA fight.

So with no set timeframe for the reigning champ to return, we find two of the division’s most talented for the interim title. In one corner, a man who has gone on an absolute tear through many of the division’s top contenders. And in the other corner, a man who has just gone on an absolute tear altogether. You can actually say the same about either fighter.

Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson impressed many and hoisted himself to number one contender status after a convincing victory over former lightweight champ Rafael dos Anjos back in November. A winner of nine straight, including one over 5th ranked Edson Barbosa, who similarly to RDA, is a pretty tough out. But Ferguson seemingly finds ways to not just beat these guys, but finish them in style.

Now, while a streak of nine in a row in 25 professional fights sounds impressive, how does a streak 24 in a row in 24 professional fights sound? That is Khabib Nurmagomedov. One of the only top ranked fighters in any division that is undefeated. And watching him fight, it’s easy to see why he has yet to lose a bout.

Ferguson is one of UFC’s best strikers, who’s ground game is just as intense. He can beat you standing, he can submit you easy, and if it goes to the judges, he’ll find a way to get them in his favor. But Khabib is ranked #1 and undefeated for a reason. He’s just plain intense in every aspect. He can almost take anyone down at will. And when that happens it’s a wrap.

As far as a prediction goes, I’ll lean toward Khabib, just because of that. With these two guys, this fight will find it’s way on the mat. And that Russian bulldog will put El Cucuy in a ground and pound meat grinder.

PREDICTION: Nurmagomedov