Round 6 is a news and information web log about the sensational combat sport of Mix-Martial Arts.

The purpose is to go beyond the five round fight you would normally see and give you inside information on before and after the fight and everything between.

Mix-Martial Arts exploded on the scene in the mainstream nearly three decades ago. There have always been bouts between fighters featuring a variety of specialties to find the most effective form of unarmed martial arts. We’ve seen fighters from all types of disciplines excel in their game, but it was left to imagination on whether a karate practitioner could beat a kickboxer, or if a wrestler could roll with the punches and out-maneuver a championship level boxer.

A group of fighters, producers and promoters then set out with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. And the first show was extremely successful, so successful that a whole new sport was born.

Rules emerged and more regulation in the sport provided for a wider and global audience. We now have hundreds of MMA promotions around the world. And almost every fighter has a knowledge of several disciplines in order to successfully compete amongst the best all-around fighters.

It all gives us so much to talk about when we do have marquee match-ups on the horizon, or even the potential ones we hope to see. Every fight has a build-up. Every fighter has a story. And every good story makes us all want more.

MMA News and Information