UFC Fight Night 105 – The Post Fight

The hangover card after a UFC pay-per-view isn’t going to turn a lot of heads. But Saturday’s UFC Fight Night gave us a couple of highlights and even more to look forward to.

The night cap saw Derrick Lewis with a second round knockout of rank #9 contender Travis Browne.

The fight ended just over two minutes deep in the second round, but very likely could have ended the other way in the first.

An early kick to the body saw Browne take an edge as Lewis was noticeably favoriting an abdomen injury. Browne slowed his assault to the focus area, vying to stay guarded and pace himself. Well, that guard and pace is exactly what he lost shortly after the bell rung signaling the start of the second.

In the second, Lewis caught Browne with several heavy hits, at his guard, through the guard and around the guard. Browne tried to stay with it, nodding to the ref Mario Yamasaki, but the relentless pressure from his opponent would eventually land him on his back, taking more shots, a couple well after he was able to intelligently defend himself.

The right hands from the Black Beast during the fight wasn’t the only shots he dished out, as he took a couple personal shots in the post fight interview. Let’s just say it was a peculiar banter for probable future top five contender.

In our Co-Main Event

We saw the return of Johny “Big Rigg” Hendricks to winning form, albeit in a new weight class.

After the first two rounds that could likely have been 1-1, either round for either fighter, Hendricks made a believer out of himself and many that holding on to the weight from the welterweight class. He willed himself and gave him rejuvenated energy to take several pop shots and dominate the third.

The last time I’ve seen Big Rigg that energized after a fight he had just won a title.

We’ll just have to see where he goes next with his welterweight body frame fighting the giants of middleweight. Will he stack up against the height and reach of some of those top contenders? Any former champ has a history of proving someone wrong.

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